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iKobo - Convenient Money Transfer

If you have friends or family in the Philippines, you need to know about iKobo Money Transfer. There’s no easier way to send money to the Philippines. Use any computer, at any time of day, just a few clicks of the mouse and your Philippines money transfer is done.

From iKobo’s website

iKobo uses the credit/debit card method of sending money to the Philippines. It’s basically the sender sending a Visa prepaid card to the recipient. This card can then be used to withdraw cash at any Visa ATM or purchases wherever debit & credit cards are accepted. The prepaid cards are sent via FedEx.

- Send money online 24/7 or by phone, no need to travel to an agent location.
- Pick up money anytime from one million ATMs worldwide.

Remittance – Up to $1,000 anywhere for $5
FexEx – USA & Canada: $11.95 & Worldwide: $11.95 to $24.95
Transactions – Monthly Maintenance : $0.99, ATM Withdrawal: $1.99 & Declined ATM Withdrawal: $0.99