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lucky money

1) Send money online with any U.S. checking account, U.S. bank issued Visa or MasterCard credit card.
2) Remit by visiting a Lucky Money office.
3) For those who cannot visit an office or without an internet connection, they are one of the few that allows remittance by mail.

Lucky Money delivers money bank-to-bank to the whole Philippines through major commercial banks either by online credit to beneficiary (Peso) account or by telegraphic transfer to those who do not have bank accounts. A confirmation notice will be mailed to the beneficiary upon validation receipt of the designated bank.

1) Door-to-Door Delivery
2) Deposit / or Credit Beneficiary’s Bank Account
3) Pick-up at any EPCI Bank Branches in the Philippines.

1) Economy (checking account) – $3.50 to $14.00
2) Deluxe (credit card) – $8.00 to $53.00
3) Branch remittance – $7.00 to $16.00

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