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Xoom is an online-to-offline international money transfer service. It has been used by online entrepreneurs in the Philippines as an alternative to PayPal. Xoom transcations don’t require bank accounts for the sender or receiver. With over 1,800 cash pick-up locations and innovative technology, Xoom is a clear leader money remittance to the Philippines.

1% to 4%
Xoom fee calculator

Xoom vs Western Union

Amount To Send Xoom Value Fee Western Union
$50 $3.99 $16.00
100 3.99 16.00
200 5.99 16.00
300 7.99 16.00
500 9.99 32.00
600 10.99 50.00
750 10.99 56.00
1000 11.99 68.00

Compared to fees shown at westernunion.com, Nov 17, 2007
Fees are shown for disbursement in PHP

Remittance Partners
Xoom can deposit to any bank in the Philippines and offers even faster service with their Partner Banks.

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